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36 Pack Box / Random Autographs
36 Pack Box by Cards Inc., 2004 / Random Autographs,Costume Cards and other Specials

Under The Dome Season One

Factory Sealed Wax Box / 24 Packs / Produced by Rittenhouse Archives, 2014.
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Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen

36 Pack Box / 8 Cards per Pack

Original Photos of the Monsters of Universal

Universal Monsters are part of a fictional universe created by Universal Studios in a number of famous horror films .It started with the 1931 film version of Dracula, and continued with other  movies as Frankenstein,Bride of Frankenstein, The wolf Man, and the Creature from the Black lagoon.THis box contains  36 packs and was produced by Kitchen Sink in 1996. All your Favorite Universal Monster in set. It should make 2 complete 100 card sets per box. Plus bonus  random specials cards.Great for the Horror Monster movie collector or just for fun  entertainment. Sale price $19.95      SRP $49.95    $1.99 per pack

Halloween is coming up, Skip the candy. Nice giveaway for the kids.     36 units per box / 8 monsters per pack